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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Up-to-date information about Catholic Education’s response to novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Parent/Carer letter regarding Zoom (video conferencing) at home

Current advice

Updated Monday 20 July

Important information regarding the impacts of NSW/Victorian border closure for Term 3.

The NSW Government closed the border with Victoria from 12:01 am Wednesday 8 July 2020.

We wish to assure our school community that school will be open to welcome students back to onsite learning from the beginning of Term 3. To help keep our students, staff and the broader community safe, it is important that we all understand the travel restrictions that are in place, and in particular if you have travelled within Victoria during the holiday break, that you understand whether the students in your household should be attending school onsite when it returns next week.

In Term 3 our school will continue to follow our COVID safety plan that includes a range of measures to minimise the risk of COVID-19 infection, such as encouraging the regular use of hand sanitiser, stricter cleaning practices and a practical approach to maintaining distancing in the school environment.

Students who are ill or have household members who are ill should not attend school.

Border Region: The area within 50km of the border on either side of the NSW/Vic border.

Important: If the students in your household are required to self isolate due to travel in Victoria (see further below), please contact us at the  school to discuss options to continue learning and anticipated return timeframe for onsite learning.

For students who reside in Victoria (inside border regions)

The closure of the border means that for all staff and students who reside in Victorian border towns you will need a border entry permit to travel from Victoria to NSW and this will need to be carried with you at all times and checked at the checkpoints. This permit is valid for 14 days from the date of issue.

Returning from travel in Victoria: If students have or will have returned from travel in Victoria outside the border region after 8 July, they must self isolate for 14 days after returning, prior to attending school for onsite learning.

For students who reside in NSW (inside border regions)

Border community residents are allowed to travel across the border within the border region by applying for and obtaining a permit.

Attending Border Region Schools: Students will continue to attend school for onsite learning.

Attending Schools Outside Border Regions: We will be in contact with families directly regarding your specific circumstances and confirm a learning approach to commence Term 3.

Returning from travel in Victoria : If students have or will have returned from travel in Victoria outside the border region after 8 July, they must self isolate for 14 days after returning, prior to attending school for onsite learning.

For students who reside in NSW (outside the border regions)

Returning from travel in Victoria : If students have or will have returned from travel ANYWHERE in Victoria after 8 July, they must self isolate for 14 days after returning, prior to attending school for onsite learning.

Boarding Students

Our boarding facilities will be open for the commencement as Term 3 as planned. Please contact us at the school if a boarding student in your household is in one of the following categories and you have not yet had communication with the school about your boarding arrangements:

  • Live in Victoria (anywhere);
  • Have or will have returned from travel in Victoria after 8 July.

Getting to and from school

Transport for NSW has advised that there will be a number of checkpoints along the border with remaining roads to be closed. A number of changes have already been made to assist transiting across the border.

We have confirmed with the bus operators that the school services will run as scheduled to and from schools.

For staff and students who travel by car, road closures and detours will be available on Live Traffic in the coming days.

Please note that it is anticipated that travel times may be impacted as a result of these closures, which may include the bus services.

Further Information and Useful Links

As we have all observed, the advice from the Government is changing rapidly and we will continue to update you on changes as they impact on you and your learners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are responses to some of the Frequently Asked Questions that we have received from parents and carers in our school communities. Click on any of the questions to view the answer.

Please check back regularly as this information is subject to change.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact your school in the first instance or send us an email.


Yes. All students are required to return to school for every day that it is open and attendance notes do need to be filled in for any day that the student is unable to attend. If a student is considered a vulnerable person, is under government-directed isolation or has been formally diagnosed with COVID-19 and needs to be exempted from school, depending on the length of time away, an application will need to be approved in discussion with the school.

Yes. All CEDWW schools are open from Monday 25th with all students and staff returning as normal.

If a case of COVID-19 appears at a school, parents will be notified of actions to take. CEDWW has prepared measures if this event occurs and will follow government recommendations as they apply. 

NESA Advice for parentsYou can also subscribe to the latest updates from NESA through this page.

During the COVID emergency we are continuing to support not just the learning, but wellbeing of all our students and their families.

We recognise that these unprecedented restrictions on the operations on many businesses are having a devastating impact on many families, and their finances, and creating uncertainty for the future.

Click here to find our more about the fee relief options that may apply to you.

Home Learning Support

In the event of a school closure or because students have been asked to self-isolate, learning content will be shared via Learning Management Systems such as Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, Seesaw or email.

For enquiries in this regard, it is best to contact the school as it will be different for each school.

Yes. It is a legal obligation for students to attend school every day that it is open. If you choose to keep your child at home and you do not have an approved exemption, you will need to register your child for home schooling.

Due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns and social distancing requirements the 1st Metro examination session, scheduled for 27 April – 13 June has been cancelled. Anybody with concerns should contact the AMEB (NSW) office through during business hours.

Any decision to proceed with subsequent exams scheduled for later in the year will be dependent on the status of COVID-19.

Yes. Each school will work towards resuming Reading Recovery interventions as school has returned. 

Student Wellbeing

During this time of uncertainty, Centacare remains committed to supporting the wellbeing of everyone especially our kids

We are noticing an increase in grief from our young people missing friends, routines and being away from their teachers.

Centacare is here to support you, children and parents especially through this time.

Our counsellors and psychologist offer counselling for children and teenagers, individuals, families, relationships management, EAP and. (parental coaching is a great one on one session with a counsellor/educators to guide you through working from home, managing children and family life whilst all at home).

Call us today on 1300 619 379 for a confidential conversation.

We are holding sessions over the phone or face to face via the internet.

You can also visit the Centacare website –

Expert advice suggests that it is helpful  to keep things as simple and close to normal as possible in times where challenging emotions may be experienced – Please click here

ReachOut have a comprehensive library of wellbeing apps. You can sort through a variety of different wellbeing tools and apps for a range of mental health and wellbeing issues to find the one that suits you best.

Extra Curricular Activities

All face-to-face  lessons will cease during a school closure and this includes primary school tuition through the CEDWW Primary Years Music Program.

Where possible, tutors may email or suggest conference lessons during a period of closure, although this may be difficult to coordinate on a system basis.

If you have concerns regarding Music, please contact your child’s tutor in the first instance. The tutor will pass concerns onto the relevant Ed Services Officer and we will get back to you with a response when we can.

Based on the latest advice from Catholic Schools NSW, all school athletics carnivals and cross country events are to be postponed until further notice.

See list attached of Diocesan and Inter-Diocesan events that have already postponed-Suspended sports –  link.


Maintaining good hygiene standards is an important way to reduce the risk of acquiring and spreading respiratory infections. We ask parents and carers to promote good hygiene including handwashing with soap. Together with good cough etiquette, handwashing (external link) is the single most effective way to reduce the spread of germs that cause respiratory disease.

The NSW Ministry of Health has advice and resources about COVID-19 in:

The World Health Organisation has also publisheduseful advice on social distancing: WHO advice

Australian Government Advice

The Australian Government has published a daily alert with the latest medical advice and official reportsExternal link.

SchoolTV Report

Click on the image below to watch Dr Michael Carr-Gregg’s video on discussing Coronavirus with your children.