Our Schools

Why Choose a Catholic Education?

Our work in Catholic education is to create the conditions for students to become fully alive – inspired with a love of learning and a heart of hope. In anticipation of our students reaching the fullness of their humanity, we are called to nurture: high-quality relationships; the development of critical thinking capabilities, human values and a moral and ethical worldview; a relationship with Jesus through experiencing, teaching and practising the Catholic faith.

A Message from the Acting Director of Schools

As the Acting Director of Schools for the Diocese of Wagga Wagga, I would like to thank you for taking the time to inquire about a quality Catholic education at one of our 26 Primary and 5 Secondary schools. It is an important decision and I encourage you to ask many questions and choose the school that best mirrors your family’s needs and values. I hope that if you are interested in your child being part of one of our schools, that you take the next step and contact your local Catholic school directly.

In essence Catholic schools have been a major component of Australian education for over 175 years. From its humble beginnings, we are now the second biggest sector after government schools, with more than 760,000 students (which is around 20% of all school enrolments) and at last count we have 1728 schools across Australia.

If you decide to choose one of our schools, we would be delighted to welcome you to our family, and I can confidently say that the school you have selected will reflect your own values, beliefs and hopes as Australians. A school that will encourage and provide a basis for your child to seek to develop their own relationships with God and to continue their faith journey throughout their lives. A school that will encourage them to offer a voice which will question, challenge and reflect on their world in the light of Christ’s message. A school that will provide an educational foundation for life to the full; intellectually, spiritually, physically, morally and emotionally.

Parenthood is a remarkable gift and a great challenge, and we are honoured to support and accompany you on this incredible journey.

Yours in Catholic Education,

Mark MacLean